Namaste! I am Annette.

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A powerful misconception is that change is instantaneous – that one moment we are here and the next there – that achievement and growth are clearly defined steps and stages that rise like a staircase to a single point.

This perspective is not accurate. Though, there is a gradual process taking place, there is no finish line – no stamp of arrival; it is a continuous ascension – transcendent and inclusive of all experience.

Still, the mind demands the trophy. And, showing up, alone, isn’t enough to get it. You have to be here – in all of it – engaged and fully inhabiting your life just to glimpse it.  And when you do, the need for a trophy just falls away.

In awakening, we glimpse this vastness, without preference or need for reassurance.  We become restful and appreciative in the mindful steps, bodies and experiences that have carried us here, open to the view that nothing is independent – that we are all connected – separate but inseparable, an integral whole.

Human being know thyself” and you shall rule the universe.     

~Delphic Maxim

I used to call myself a seeker, distilling all I learned but was still dissatisfied. I realized that everything that I sought was right here all along and, when I began to view my life through this vital piece of knowledge – this new window – this is when I began to really be alive.

Now I’m both student and teacher, guide and educator.  I practice as an integral coach, using mindfulness and visualization as pathways, and have a deep calling to help others connect fully with their lives – to inform them in ways that connect them with their body – to guide them toward the intuition of their own individual values and needs – to help them find the fit that’s right for them on their path towards personal transformation and consciousness – to amplify their experience as a human being in ways that feel authentic and nurture happiness.

I am not here to heal you or change you.  I am here to point the way and show you how to step into life fully … with skill, lightness and joy!

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