"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

You can't fake Who YOU are.

Relax into the Power of YOU!

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'Being human’ is beautiful, and it can also feel really hard.

Most of us have never been taught the skills to access the Whole Self—the highest potential and power of an aligned mind, body, and spirit. But, Being Whole is our most natural state, our purest essence.



When we are alive, we are fluid, loving, wondrous, spacious.

In Being Alive, we embrace it all! We awaken to the gifts in every moment and in every experience—transforming pain into light along the way. And, in the halo of this authentic living, we recognize our patterns, voices and beliefs—without judgment—and still know we are worthy, that our words are important, that we matter.

Self holds us with tenderness.

We accept it all as it unfolds—in curiosity, in mystery, in awe—easing into the steps and sounds along the way that have brought us faith, resilience, and view.






Being Whole allows us to heal.

I am here for you as a coach, teacher and guide, revealing elevation, supporting you toward reaching your own destination,  and inspiring your intuitive ability to see the truth, that… 

You are already WHOLE.

Awaken to the possibility of other realities

Develop mindfulness and presence and open to awareness. 

Accept and welcome all experience

Cultivate heartfulness and compassion and find freedom in healing.


Investigate the causes of painful discomforts

Use curiosity and coaching to illuminate obstacles and transform limiting beliefs.

Activate your power

Envision new paths, shift your inner voice and access your wisdom.



Awaken to your capacity!