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the space between

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Jun 1, 2017

…as i turned the corner into the next plateau, i came upon a temple held standing by four pillars whose answers rested on the beliefs of my mind, the science of the cosmos, the infinite love and compassion of my heart and the beauty of all things. together, they formed a harmony that was carried…

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my mother’s hands

By Annette Diamantopoulos | May 15, 2017

my mothers hands held me, carried me, consoled me and wiped my tears. they cooked for me, cleaned for me and were always there to show me how.   how they are strong how i can see the life they have lived how they have revealed the essence in her that is also in me.…

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oh, sweet surrender!

By Annette Diamantopoulos | May 5, 2017

every morning when i wake up, i surrender my dreams. i’m coaxed open by the sun streaming in through the slits of the shutters and the once dark interior space is replete with light.   i linger in that sweet spot – the dark, vast room behind my eyes that’s yet to fill with lists and plans or the injustices carried…

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begin again

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Apr 8, 2017

another plateau – another false summit – with much information, insight and gifts. from here, we can see the beauty in the arduous journey so far we have tasted it with our sweat, our will and our spirit.   it’s here that we will stop, take off our backpacks, lay down our sticks.   go…

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snow storms and death

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Mar 14, 2017

there is a silence before the big snow comes … a stillness in the air, a smell and a glow … a foreshadowing of impending pause.   my father in law passed this morning, just shy of 83.  he had a massive stroke almost 3 weeks ago, and, after many decisions, much confusion – the…

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the power of one

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Mar 1, 2017

this is the simmer – the point before the bubbling over… the moment before transformation, right before the inevitability of change.   there’s nothing to prove in life. we’re here to be present, to know how to work this body and mind – this vessel and this life – to understand it, to taste it, to watch it –…

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love and the human revolution

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Feb 13, 2017

i hear the sound of drums – together they form a singular heartbeat. it enters through my ears and pulses up through my feet. it is anchored to my very core. it is the sound of the human revolution – the inner transformation that changes our circumstances — affects our world. it is swift and it begins within, inside our…

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peeling pain

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Feb 1, 2017

“i came here to meet myself,  to close the yawning gap, the chasm of hope and reality.”  natalie goldberg   the layers began to peel after i had read her words last night, first in my sleep as i dreamed — some crazy dream where my children had been abducted by a group of unknown…

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take a chance on me…

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Jan 20, 2017

  in the past 51 years i have failed — a lot!   i have failed 9th grade gym and many friendships. i have failed in love and with too many diets. i have failed to pay attention on the road and where i was going. i have failed my parents trust and being a…

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