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what if you could see with all your body?

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Dec 2, 2019

i had no face today. suddenly, life came over me and i arrived in every color! every thursday, between 12 and 1 pm i gather online — ‘face to no face’ – with an eclectic group of loving, kind, inclusive, everyday people. we cometo remind each other what’s often so hard to see — this right here…

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i am: falling into grace

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Oct 22, 2019

“perception leads to knowledge through the grace that God has given … to be His gift to everyone who turns to Him for truth.” ~ a course in miracles this week i am gratefully attending a retreat with non-duality teacher, rupert spira. i was first introduced to his work during finders course, a progressive six-month…

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to hold or not to hold? let go and be unstoppable

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Oct 20, 2019

most of our suffering is caused by our inability to notice that we are lost as we swing from thought to thought and are caught in the conviction that ‘what’ we believe is true.  there’s a story used when teaching mindfulness about the way monkeys are trapped in southeast asia: a coconut is cut in…

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all hands on deck! we’re all called to serve!

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Jul 24, 2019

attention all human beings! we’re all called to serve! the request arrives from a higher power and is to be commanded by brave minds – through courageous hearts … a kinship worked with skillful hands!  it comes in the form of desire – assignment and purpose – a message for the world: ‘when we connect,…

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the shore called ‘father’

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Jun 16, 2019

it’s hard. it hurts. it’s resistant. i sink. i swallow water. and, sometimes it feels like i am drowning. but, i can deal with that. i know i can swim. i remember who i really am. ~ walking on water when i was four my dad taught me how to swim. here’s the thing of it: he came…

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wah wah wah! without the excuses, without the obstacles, without limitations, who would you be?

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Jun 4, 2019

“obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.” ~ zen proverb there’s no greater lie that disempowers growth than all the reasons we ascribe to ‘why’ we can’t!  …  why ‘that’ shyness keeps you from meeting new people – why ‘that’ dread keeps you from pitching your idea – why ‘those’ few pounds keep you out…

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here is the sign you’ve been looking for: the habits of happy, awakened people

By Annette Diamantopoulos | May 12, 2019

zen buddhist teacher, baker roshi, once said, “enlightenment is an accident. meditation makes us accident prone.” at the baseline, we train the muscle of attention so we can be present prone – be available to recognize those glimpses of enlightenment that we can never claim to ever really know.  because, it’s never what we think it’s gonna’ be — there’s…

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i saw the light: waking up to life’s work

By Annette Diamantopoulos | May 12, 2019

“as you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” ~rumi one day, suddenly and without warning, i realized something wasn’t as it appeared – everything that i thought was true and everything that i had searched for, was here all along. and, once i began to view my life through this comprehensive window – to live it with…

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ugh! anxiety again?! finding certainty in an uncertain world

By Annette Diamantopoulos | Mar 2, 2019

i keep trying … i keep trying to ‘fill in’ the form – to ‘fill up’ with what’s expected – with what i ‘should’ be. so, why is it that i still feel so empty? … why do i keep spilling out all over the place?! recently a dear friend reached out regarding some stressful…

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