i saw the light: waking up to life’s work

“as you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” ~rumi

one day, suddenly and without warning, i realized something wasn’t as it appeared – everything that i thought was true and everything that i had searched for, was here all along. and, once i began to view my life through this comprehensive window – to live it with this vital knowledge – i remembered what it was to truly be alive.

what i experienced was spiritual awakening – a glimpse into our true nature – the lightness of being.

if i could describe it, i would say that it is was a profound shift in perspective – from what i believed to what i knew – in my gut and through something that i didn’t have to prove. and it offered me a life that was less painful, less effortful, synchronous and kind. 

… not that life is without effort, but it no longer feels unattainably hard; pain and emotion are included, but, there’s an ability to be with it in a way that was not readily available before – an enduring steadiness. one rises from the other.

i trust this steadiness … with feet on the ground, reconnecting to a body forgotten by misunderstanding and atoned with divine oneness.

do you know steadiness?

  • steadiness has always been with you – it’s the arrow pointing – “this way!”that rises in a moment of confusion. the proof is in the pudding … answer the following questions and let them point the way:when was the last time you felt alive? what was happening? who was around and how did you feel?

  • what are the qualities that support your own internal compass of enduring steadiness? emotionally, financially, relationally? 

  • how does the reality of how life feels reflect how you want it to be?

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