here is the sign you’ve been looking for: the habits of happy, awakened people

zen buddhist teacher, baker roshi, once said, “enlightenment is an accident. meditation makes us accident prone.”

at the baseline, we train the muscle of attention so we can be present prone – be available to recognize those glimpses of enlightenment that we can never claim to ever really know.  because, it’s never what we think it’s gonna’ be — there’s no medal – no finish line – no ta-da!

it’s sweet and quiet and simple … ordinary.

so, waking up isn’t something that we ‘do,’ rather, it arises; it happens when we let go of the idea that this ‘thing’ we’re searching for – happiness – rests somewhere outside of ourselves or this moment.

it’s activated the way sunshine on your face wakes up every pore, every cell, every image – every memory — how it transports you on its rays … makes you remember the most tender sensations!

those waking up aren’t special or chosen. 

here’s how and what they do to cultivate the attitudinal muscles that support this shift:

  • they put into motion the habit needed to support the space of least possible resistance. they practice acceptance and they experience life with flow.
  • they make themselves available to another view – shifting from the result to the process. they let go of fixed judgments and limiting beliefs that blockpossibility and include all information for growth.
  • their search is not for happiness, but for a pathway that brings them radicalpresence. their happiness is not dependent on somewhere in the future. theyunderstand that everything that they’ve been searching for – purpose, love, happiness – is HERE, in the circle of experience, without condition, waiting to be realized.
  • they recognize the limited perspective of ‘me’ – open to the goals and successes that are readily available in every moment – and gracefully acceptthe lesson that each experience is here to teach.
  • they commit to giving and receiving – to paying it forward with gratitude andhumility.

in short, awakened people are available for the 
signs that reinforce their choices: they understand that their power lies in ‘how’ and to ‘what’ they pay attention; and that when they live purpose, mind, body and spirit come together in arising happiness.

what ‘happ’ens when we start paying attention to the signs of ‘happ’iness?

  • wholeness: you begin to notice thought patterns in your self and in others that connect you rather than separate you.

  • trust and willingness: you begin to automatically choose the unknown positive possibility over the predictable negative story.

  • flexibility: you are no longer rigid with your surroundings, and you are at ease.

  • open and accepting: you no longer feel fearful or defensive when in the company of others who do not share your view.

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