angel wings and wonder

“faith may not bring us the miracle we want, but it will always bring us the miracle we need. cultivate faith, hold it in your hand – touch it” … make angel wings. ~melody beattie

oh! the sweet memories of making angel wings for the annual christmas pageant! i remember the concentrated task – the texture and smell of tissue paper and elmer’s glue on my fingertips – the surge of glitter and the tattered white satin gown with the gold sash that my mother would revive from the attic.

the advent made my heart sing!

i loved the story of jesus – the fearlessness – the feats of wonder – the mystery and faith … the guiding star in the depth of winter that announced his birth! 

at seven, i knew this story … the flame that still burned bright inside. my mind had yet to dismiss the possibility of immaculate conception, had not yet turned away from the lesson in order to disprove what i trusted with all my heart.

so, it was easy to admire the courage and certainty of the three nabateaen sages that followed the stars – easy to be enchanted by the gifts wrapped in miracles as wondrous and as textured as the robes they wore and the lands from which they traveled – easy to be made whole by the wisdom of our story, the resilience of our faith and the healing quality of our transformation.

gold and the wisdom of our story

it was melchior, whose name means king of light, that brought the light of gold to jesus. gold is the stuff that’s mined deep in the core of the body and psyche; it’s the stuff of collision and stars – the dust from which everything came – the stuff of kings.
the wisdom of our story is the inescapable, historical map of our unified lineage, the one reminding us that wisdom is inclusive and ascending — a rising tree of many layered branches whose deep roots anchor it in the fierce wind. this is why we must face our inherent darkness – in order to get to the light. the light wakes us up to the illusion that we’re separate or that we have any control over history. 

acceptance is the gift of spirit and kingship.

acceptance asks us to wake up and face the truth of our story – be capable and boundlessly responsible with and to each other: “what must i accept? what must i surrender?”

myrrh and the wisdom of our resilience

it was balthazar, namedprotector of the king,who brought myrrh as a foreshadowing of the suffering and sacrificial death of christ. the boswellia sacra trees that produce myrrh are known for their ability to grow in unforgiving environments; a bulbous swelling in the trunk merges with the rock as a result of the tapping which causes the formation of aromatic ‘tears’ of resin.

the wisdom of our resilience is in our ability and faith to weather the wind and ‘tears’ of the storm – to adapt to the conditions of our life and environment in ways that purify, and which produce strength and fragrance – ways that include a critical awareness of uncertainty.

trust is the gift of rising spirituality in the relinquishment of identity. 

trust asks us to look up and challenge our beliefs – to affirm the qualities of resilience that confirm the wisdom of our failure. “what failures have helped me to grow? how has doubt and suffering strengthened my faith?’

frankincense and the wisdom of transformation

as keeper of the treasure, casper brought frankincense. like myrrh, this fragrant resin is cultivated through the gum that bleeds out when a tree’s wound penetrates through the bark – through the thick layers of identity. 

the wisdom of our transformation is in the healing quality of contemplation, forgiveness and compassion. it’s the willingness and commitment to be the person we want others to be for us! this sacred wisdom is the gum – the story that supports ascension into spirit.

divinity is the gift of healing. 

divinity asks us to grow up and forgive – to shift the vibration of our beliefs toward forgiveness in order to transform. it asks: “who must i forgive? how ami already ‘whole’?”

hark! the herald angels sing, this is the new birth – the newborn WE!

just as the earth once met the sky, the west has awakened to meet the east, and a new faith has come to claim our divinity — our destiny! 

love is the pure state – the path – the threshold of consciousness through which we can claim our kingship and no belief or thought or religion or object can change what is changeless.

we are all kings! and,at the root of who we really are there is trust and at our core there is faith.

 … that one breath follows the next – the tree inhales what we exhale – the wings of angels rise and fall – the moon gives birth to the sun and a new light reveals itself, piercing through the darkness of the spirit and mind and signaling the advent of our spiritual awakening, marking the return of the magi who will be bearing more gifts – more hope, more faith, more love, more compassion, more courage… more wonder.

what gift is waiting to be born in you?

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