the kingdom of tada! and the new view of mindfulness


i am humbled and amazed by the many opportunities to feel uncomfortable – to risk in order to find the balance between what my heart longs for and what my mind needs. 


i teach the skills that support wellbeing – awareness and attention — mindfulness.  and, i do this by introducing individuals, groups and systems to new ways of experiencing experience – to new ways of reviewing and reframing life, ways that are integral and unique.


this new view doesn’t look the same as his and hers and theirs – it’s not one size fits all. and, the whole answer does not exist outside; we can’t look to our left and to our right – in the past and to the future – for the measurement of our self worth — for the information that will confirm some location of realization – some point of arrival … the kingdom of tada!


it’s because that external information is not wholly reliable – not yet in relationship with the larger truth beyond the condition of objects … not ‘holy’ integrated.


it’s like looking at the moon through a telescope and believing that you’re looking at the entire universe: it’s concentrated and exclusive — one sided … the dark side of the moon, without any relation to the alignment of the planets, suns, galaxies etc.


in order to be in alignment, YOU must learn the skill of going in – inside your head – inside the voices that have become an angry mob – inside the stories and theories and religions that no longer fit — inside the darkness.


that’s how the lens of awareness expands to include information that was once out of your view. that’s when you recognize that you are made of stardust.


and, in order to experience this possibility – of how this view and information can shift your destiny or support your desire – you must allow for a new way of looking at your self. you must open to the possibility that there’s something that you don’t need to define, or hold or prove or measure. by including this possibility, you are empowering a whole new way of being in life – you can change your world!


don’t you want to know?


don’t you want to know what everybody is talking about? don’t you want to know how to be steady … how to let go of the white knuckled ride … release your gut, feel safe, trust, breathe deeply again?


the only thing standing in your way is YOU!


YOU must be willing to try something new – to let go of what you think this mindfulness thing is so that you can get what you need – to take stock of what has been beneficial and reliable in your life and to learn new ways of using and building with it.


you see, your mind, and all its limiting thoughts and beliefs, have been standing in front of your intelligence … your light – blocking your wisdom – obscuring a whole vital portion of relevant information and casting shadows and doubt on the surface of everything you do.


you’re not bad or unworthy or doomed or anything like that!


although this capacity is your birthright, you were not born knowing how to do this. and, if it wasn’t modeled for you – by your parents or your teachers and the adults around you – then you were shit outta’ luck! and, life felt hard – like wading through a thick, dark room – bumping into furniture, unaware that there was a switch or a door or any way out.


mindfulness is the room, the door, the switch and the darkness – it includes everything that forges you through experience.


this mindfulness thing is nothing personal. the personal chooses the color, model and price, but understanding how to use it is impersonal … practical. there’s something very useful in learning how to learn – in learning how to use and rewire this brain.


and i guarantee that YOU have already known it … being connected, focused and in flow.  there’s something incredibly beautiful for the personal when accessing this capacity – something wholehearted and full.


this mindfulness thing is not about revisiting the past or bearing some painful memory. it’s about learning the skill of bringing space in and around everything – our thoughts, emotions and experiences – so that life doesn’t feel so heavy – so you can see all the information, safely, bringing what’s useful along the way.


start now.


whether it’s here on this page, with me, or in some word that is pointing the way, or in the discomfort of change, or in the curiosity of what ‘could’ … or in discovery of being lost.


stop believing that you can’t.

stop making excuses. stop looking around at everybody else and just begin.


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