no thing: the falling away of who you think you are


the snow is falling gently – silently – a reverie of death reminding me of the cycle of life – that birth follows death – that i have been here before.


you are not who you think you are.

you are not your clothes, or the car you drive – what you live in or where you went to school.

you are not your sex organs, or how many times you’ve used them … not how many times you’ve hit the ball – you’re not of that at all.


you are not the amount of information you hold, but the ability to use it wisely.

you are not the word, but the intention that drives it.

and you are not this thought or this feeling – this emotion that seems so real.

you are not this mind.


no, you’re none of this at all.


nor are you the welling anger that might be rising as it is reading these words screaming “who the f –k do you think you are… telling me who i am!”

— not this body – not this pain – not this image that appears.
you are no object – no subject … empty but full.


there is no word or language that can describe what or who you really are. for what you are cannot be held, or grasped or changed.
what you are is so much more than any mind can think
any emotion can reveal
any sensation can capture.


what you are is every thing
and no thing

… boundless and arising.



what is left when i am gone?  “there is a space where thought clings to you and you cling to thought, and your sense of self clings to thought.” eckhart tolle

our relationship with the world, to a great extent, is reflected by our relationship with the thought of who and what we think we are.

however, when we become trapped in these mental conceptualizations, we no longer sense that which is beyond the concept – the aliveness of being human!

what happens when you step out of the thought of who or what  you think you are?  


** for more information on presence and ego check out becoming a teacher of presence by eckhart tolle.


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