skipping stones

it’s autumn.

somewhere, a child stands on the rocky shore of a placid pond.
he holds in his hand a carefully chosen stone
slim and smooth
so selected for its ability to glide effortlessly between water and air.


with a slight turn of his head and a flick of the wrist
it’s sent heralding across the dark glass
skipping and then again flying
kissing water
folding the reflection of the moon into the dark spaces between surges
and radiating wishes across in ringlets.


eventually, the stone is plucked from the atmosphere by gravity
it let’s go
and glides with graceful ease through the murky muck to the bottom
cradled in earth’s voluminous bed.


in stillness, it becomes a patient witness
unaffected by the sirens song above …


as the ripples fade and molecules settle  once again   side by side
the moon is full and all aglow
with leaves turn brown and fall to the ground
nourishing the earth for all to come and all to know.


the darkness and moon become sky
nature’s world transforms
and the stone continues
at the bottom of the pond.



personal resonance: quality of our sound is measured by the quality of the world that is reflected back to us.

when you sit still in the reflection of the resonance of your energy – what you feel, what you believe, what you say, how you approach life – what do you see?

if you see the world you envisioned, then amplify!  if not, then, with curiosity and with much loving kindness, ask yourself, “what can i do to bring myself closer to the world that i long to be a part of?”

… choose a stone and send that intention out in all sorts of ways and we shall meet in the stillness of the pond.


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