the alchemist: potions and possessions

What’s the world’s greatest lie?… It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. Paolo Coehlo 


i left my phone at home this morning.


as walked my buddy, henry, i noticed all the sounds around me – the ups truck, the moan of leaf blowers, the mason and the birds, the row of children from the preschool around the corner laughing, hand in hand – awake – shuffling their feet through the newly scattered leaves and sand.


i noticed how the sun poked peep holes through the branches of the trees above – how my hair felt in the breeze and how it moved across my brow – how the path was not crooked but beautiful, meandering ahead – not cracked or in disrepair, but playfully and organically patterned – not scrutinized by my critic, but celebrated with care.


i noticed how beautiful these words were – how they rose with each mindful step – how they celebrated as they danced, falling together and flowing apart like the colors and shapes in the kaleidoscope of all i know – and how my mind tried to keep them all in order – to possess them, to hold them, to carry them home with me to show.


i began to notice all of this – the observation, the celebration and the possession – holding my experience, not too tight and not too loose – and how the choice was always mine. i noticed all this during a beautiful late summer day … all the while as the sunlight shined.



Awareness: the observation, the celebration, and the possession

When we are in a state of awareness we observe how our senses create a powerful potion, which, when inhaled openly – fully – allows us to enjoy the fragrance of our experience. However, if our mind leans in too closely to the sensation in discrimination – positive or negative –  we become swallowed in its possession.


In this way, awareness becomes the alchemist of all experience – it is the return to the true self and the dissolution of the belief that anything is controlled by fate




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