being spacious


you are here because there’s something that you need
something that you seek – something that you want to know and understand
something that you’ve tasted before, but which feels blended away by time and memory
something that your heart aches for
something that feels so far from you but is so absolutely near


... something so beautiful.


deep down, you know what this is — this singular song
and how this moment feels so familiar.

when you’re in its fragrance, you don’t need to know the
way or why
any way is ok and why is unimportant.

you feel no fear because you know that there’s something here that will connect you with the trust, wisdom and courage needed to reclaim the treasures you left behind
to brave what lies ahead
to be whole once again.


this is an infinite journey amidst limitless space.
it’s still
and vast
and loving.


it’s not for another to take for it’s shared by all.
and when you’re here
no person, thought or belief can dissuade you from its absolute truth
no language can hold you back from experiencing it
no ego can possess it or degrade it
no emotion can obstruct the groundlessness of your pure being

for you are boundless



it arises from within and it is so very near.


breathe in deeply and remember…



being spacious is a radical acceptance of the inherent emptiness of all things and the infinite filling and expanding of capacity.
this appearance of you is finite – your body and mind are subject to powerful forces – to the stress and pressure of time and space and to your the egos struggle to sustain its identity. but, when you let go of what you think you are or what others believe you should be, the illusion that you are separate and fixed falls away and you can see that what you are is way more than this body and image: you are the mass, the force and also the space – you are total integrated capacity amidst infinite possibility, internally abundant and whole.
what happens when you put space between a difficult emotion or situation and your response?  how does your experience change?



  1. Loren Gould on August 1, 2017 at 11:00

    I work really hard to put space between me and the difficult emotion or situation. When i do, i can feel control again. That makes me feel like there are options. I need options in order to make myself feel free, good and clear headed, Otherwise I feel trapped, stuck, and unable to breath.

    • Annette Diamantopoulos on August 3, 2017 at 11:00

      … what a clear and beautiful process of awakening you shared! you described what victor frankl called “the space where our freedom to choose lies” and “the response that holds our growth.” this space is intelligent, divine, and ungraspable yet it has such a powerful effect on our physical and spiritual lives.

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