take a chance on me…


in the past 51 years i have failed — a lot!


i have failed 9th grade gym and many friendships. i have failed in love and with too many diets. i have failed to pay attention on the road and where i was going. i have failed my parents trust and being a ‘good mother’, and, in the face of anger, resentment and fear, i have failed my self.


all that failure sure didn’t feel good – it was out-and-out painful!


what i remember most, though, is the pain of repeating my mistakes – not paying attention to what my body and spirit were saying, and yielding too much reverence to the default setting of my mind – my ego in particular and the fixed story that continued to make me fail. buddhists call this pattern samsara – being caught in the cycle of birth and death – sounds like some sort of cyclone! and it is powerful as we are swept up into the maelstrom of emotion that impedes us from paying attention to the details and information that can lead us to a new destiny, falling, instead, repeatedly into the crack of failure and pain.


don’t misunderstand me, the mind is ever so powerful. neuroscience has catalyzed a whole new view and understanding of our brain, and, most impressively, has illuminated the power of our heart as well.


brain and heart – together they make a mighty team!


the key to this team work is the quality and distribution of our energy. if ninety percent of our consciousness is trapped in the ego, then imagine the possibilities we could access if we were to awaken that consciousness – if we could modify the energy trapped in the ego and redirect it!


the ego, meh! the ego on steroids is like audrey ii in little shop of horrors – insatiable. this is the tough stuff – breaking free from the habit of wanting to be right and sticking to one story – avoiding life out of fear of failure, which, i may add, completely eliminates the possibility of, well, anything!


so, here we are on this very momentous day and it’s no secret that our country is polarized – there is much anger, resentment and fear and everyone feels that they are on the ‘right’ side. and i get that. when we feel unseen and unheard, that voice inside says, “wtf!” … i matter!


the difficulty here is that we all believe we are right, so, where do we unite?  in that space where there is no right and wrong – in a space of forgiveness and compassion — hope.  in the space where unity and peace are constant.  in our heart of hearts. in the space where we matter.


which brings me to the challenge. what would life be if not for the challenge?  flat. white. predictable and stagnant. as human beings we are not meant for stasis – we have many evolving stories – we are here to move, grow, learn and transform. when we arrive without the ego – let go of the story – that is when the lesson begins, and when we allow ourselves to experience all that failure offers, then we trust and then we can take a chance and walk into the unknown.


this is what life is all about – taking a chance!


i’m willing to do that, how about you?















  1. Loren gould on January 21, 2017 at 11:00

    New beginnings are, as you say, to walk the unknown, exciting, not without color. I have discovered the split personality (ego) what I am at present. What I want to eventually be, and where I put myself in the moment, on vacation somewhere awesome. As for my mistakes, I don’t like them either. But I figure, just as a pencil has an eraser, we all have them and hope to learn and not repeat. Fear, is the crux of everything, when I’m angry it’s usually fear hiding out under it. But now love, that throws the fear out, allows me to grow and take that chance. Thanks again Annette for getting my thoughts going. Xxooxx

    • Annette Diamantopoulos on January 22, 2017 at 11:00

      …amen sista’!
      it’s hard to be in our life when there is pain. you are so eloquent in your illumination – fear just feeds the cycle of mistakes which translates to more pain. from that space of love, though, anger is held and fear is transformed into curiosity – anything possible!

  2. Cheryl M on January 29, 2017 at 11:00

    …”the distribution of our energy”….Annette, you have summarized what l’ve been meditating on the past few weeks. I notice myself resting more. I am open to new beginnings & to letting go. Thank you for the inspiration dear Annette!

    • Annette Diamantopoulos on February 1, 2017 at 11:00

      namaste cheryl!
      …in the stillness of the mind, so much is clear – so much is possible!

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