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There is only ONE of  YOU!


Why is it then, that we insist on approaching the path to awareness as a one size fits all process?  It's like passing around one pair of jeans! Frustrating and impossible!


Let's face it ... there's a lot out there to help us navigate life, and they are all very beautiful and very powerful, but it is a patient and thoughtful blend of more than one meditation and modality that will carry you through life.  It takes patience and much 'trying on' to see what fits right, and, as you may know, often, our bodies and lives change in ways that require us to shift the style and fit of what we are wearing.


Living a life of balance and alignment takes the whole into account understanding that all aspects of our humanness need attention, support and loving kindness.


How do I differ from other coaches? I am a dynamic coach and educator that can customize an integrated experience/map that will bring you HOME - back into the flow of life. My deep background in top down/bottom up methods, modalities and practices help you rest your mind, open into your essence, and trust the path of all experience.


Being human is a process and journey to be respected and appreciated.


How do you begin? You begin by honoring the voice that lead you here - with courage - by answering the longing to unite with your body, your breath, and the choices that have defined your world.  


You will learn how to slow down - be present and be steady in all experience - and you will learn how to reflect light into the spaces that feel dark - holding those parts with compassion, understanding them and respecting them and their mission with our mind. 


Through coaching and the skill/practice of mindfulness, you will find FREEDOM from the thoughts and experiences that once help you back and down.


Together, we will create a space that is beautiful and contemplative, inclusive and reflective, where we can safely explore the obstacles standing in the way of boundless possibility and the power of YOU.


..let's settle in together and begin to unfold.




One-on-One Coaching


Open your mind and heart to your life’s possibilities.

Deep transformation hinges on your capacity to connect with the Whole Self - mind, body and spirit - and shift internal belief systems to make choices that support your goals and vision.

Through an intimate and supported coaching process, access perspective and purpose for the life you have envisioned.

I offer an integrated approach to human growth and fulfillment:

  • Individual and group coaching/training that offers a space for exploration, interpretation, celebration application and transformation of beliefs and actions.
  • Spiritual Training that connects YOU to your body and life.
    • Somatic engagement: sink into the depth and fullness of being alive.
    • Pranayama/Breath work - connect to the source of life - your breath - and let it guide you back into YOU
    • Neuro- linguistic programing: connect to your human experience.
    • Personalized, Integrated programs that nurture the cultivation of awareness.
  • Educating and designing personal conceptual instructional templates, maps and techniques that still the mind and guide YOU into presence.
    • Insight Meditation/Vipassana: connect to your true nature.
    • MBSR: a mindful path to responding to life and building intimacy.
    • Creative Visualization: use your mind to imagine the life for which you long.
    • Direct Inquiry: observe, inquire and awaken to your true capacity.
  • Guided psychological work that helps understand and heal wounds, skillfully navigate emotions and nurture intimate relationships.
    • Internal Family Systems: develop love for yourself and others.
    • Writing for Healing: express, recover and heal past wounds.
    • Nonviolent Communication: express your needs and transform your world.


One-on One Coaching sessions: Are you stuck?  Is there something that you long for but can't seem to reach?  Are you living to the fullest of your capacity?

One-on-one coaching is an integrated space - using mindfulness as a vessel to carry you back to your body and life. Sessions are held over Skype, phone or in person (for local clients).

  • 50 minute sessions - $150 per session
  • 3-6 month packages

All coaching includes intuitive reflection, email support between sessions, writing practice, and mindfulness guidance.  

**Sliding scale available.


Understand the heart/mind balance that guides the human experience and develop awareness of the present moment.

My guidance provides a deeply holistic, compassionate, and embodied approach to tending the inner space of reality. It weaves:

  • Positive Psychology 
  • Neuroscience
  • Consciousness Training
  • Breathing 
  • Somatic Embodiment




Mindfulness Group Courses (MBSR-based):

Reduce stress, build resilience, cultivate a relationship with your mind and fully embody your life. Investigate who you are and how you perceive the world.

  • Six-week class, 60-minute sessions: $150 per person/ 10-person minimum
  • Online support and resource


MINDFULNESS 101: Inner Peace and Resilience in Modern Life:  What's all this talk about mindfulness? This class offers a light introduction to mainstream mindfulness and heartfulness.  It is a relaxed space to explore what mindfulness means to you and how it can help you live a fuller, richer life.


MINDFULNESS 101 FOR YOUNG MINDS:  Who am I?  Bring mindfulness home.  This intimate class is available in your home and is a great way to give kids with busy schedules the opportunity to be mindful and resilient in todays world. They will learn how to 'be' in their life: to understand their mind - their thoughts and their emotions; to connect to their trust and build confidence in the face of stress; and to make choices that support their goals and values.



Intimate Group Workshops/Intensives:

Give yourself a powerful forum for curiosity, emotional healing, playfulness and communion.

  • 90-minute session, $40 per person / 10-person minimum


GAIA Grounding Goddess:  Reunite with the breath of life and the Earth from which you were born.  Using gentle yoga, breath, movement, meditation, writing and warriorship, we’ll discover and activate the archetypal and earth-based goddess that longs to nurture and heal you and the world.


VISION BOARD Quest: Tap into the power of visualization, connect with the wisdom within, and chart a path to realizing the life you envisioned. Open to your intuition, activate your imagination and allow your purpose to rise.


WRITING AND COACHING Circles: Let’s go deeper, hold our selves, and seek to understand the nature of being human. Using an automatic writing technique, Buddhist meditation, internal family systems and coaching skills, we’ll lean in closer and build trust in your inherent strength.


MINDFUL MOMS:  Having raised two sons, I recall the overwhelm, the sleepless nights and trying tantrums with much love.  But, it sure didn't feel that way when I was there! Bring the greatest gift to your family - attention to life and presence.


Watch your children grow as you cultivate the ground of your being!



One-on-One Mindfulness Coaching:

For those seeking a one-on-one intimate guided/teaching experience. Learn mainstream MBSR and also try out other modalities and practices to engage your mind, body, spirit. This is a great space to explore, practice and understand.


  • Bring resiliency to your life, reduce stress, tune attention and focus and connect with your inherent inner balance.
  • Bring space to your life and make the choices that bring you closer to the life you have always envisioned
  • Offered over Skype/google hangout.

Mindfulness in Education

The core of our educational system is slow changing and a 7 year old will always be a 7 year old, but we can change the way we are present - the way we view our experience ... the way we experience experience - and, in this way, we can shift the entire wisdom of our classroom.


Educator Intensives: Develop powerful techniques for teaching and inspiring through presence and awareness.


Reconnect to the passion of your inner teacher and engage your classroom through the lens of mindfulness. Through these workshops, learn how to shape the vessel of your classroom and develop your ability to awaken curiosity in your students.  Help support a fully embodied classroom.


Offered to educators at the elementary, secondary, and college level:

  • Educating for the Whole
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Inspiring and Integrating Mindfulness in Education


** I welcome opportunities to speak to teaching communities

Mindfulness & Meditation Guidance



"Annette’s gentle approach invites you to open up and allows space for you to be exactly as you are. In that safe space, her insightful questions connect you with what’s happening inside of you, supporting your self-discovery process with patience, kindness and compassion. When I started working with her, my goal was to clarify the vision for my new business venture and create a plan to launch the business. She was a great partner in the visioning process, but more importantly, she helped build my confidence to achieve my goals. Annette sees the best in you and is an unwavering champion. I always left our sessions feeling supported, motivated, and empowered to succeed.  Annette’s compassion, insight, and enthusiasm make her an inspiring coach." 

N.N., New York, NY

"I sought out Annette's expertise to help guide me in a career change.  Along the way, I became aware of other areas of my life that were out of balance.  She gently took the time to get to know me, to find out what was working and not working, and designed a customized life plan for goal setting, with reinforcements along the way.  Finding a new way to see the world, and stepping into the unknown, can be one of the scariest endeavors we can make and Annette made it fun and relatively pain-free.  She is warm, caring and trustworthy, making it easy to open up and show my vulnerability.  I now feel more confident making major life choices and I am happy to say I am now going in a new, more fulfilling direction. Take the time to sit with a Life Coach like Annette.  You will be glad you did!"


K.K., Metuchen, NJ

“It's not easy finding courage. In fact, it's terrifying! Annette, however, was the perfect coach to help me remove deep-rooted doubts that were cluttering my head and heart. Getting these out of the way allowed me to both reclaim and stand in my courage in order to start a new career, move into my new home, and transition into first-time motherhood. Her deep listening and warm presence created an inviting, judgement-free zone that made me feel safe, brave, loved, and able to believe in myself again. Annette is truly a gem and I have no doubt that she is the coach that will help you stand in your authenticity and lead you to meaningful life changes!"

S.L., New York, NY

"Annette has been an inspiration; allowing me to see myself as never before, with kindness, openness, non-judgment and acceptance. She has guided me back to my true path where I can fulfill my potential. Annette has shown me how ‘being’ rather than ‘knowing' requires showing up and letting myself be seen."

P.D., New Jersey

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